Late in 1996, a group of physicians in Silver City, NM began discussing the formation of an Independent Physicians Association. The GMIPA was formed officially when the Office of the State of New Mexico Corporation Commission granted a Certificate of Organization to Gila Multi-Specialty IPA, LLC on February 21, 1997. In April 1998 there were 41 physician members of GMIPA. Today, the GMIPA is comprised of a voting membership of over 90 medical doctors and a total membership of over 125 healthcare professionals.. A wide variety of healthcare providers including physicians, mid-levels, behavioral health therapists, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and others make our group a viable and valuable asset for healthcare professionals and the communities they serve.

The advantages of an IPA are the functions it performs for medical practices. As a Messenger Model, it negotiates contracts with insurance companies; assembles, credentials, and supports members. IPA’s offer members the advantage of strong leadership for the physicians and other healthcare providers with the drive to develop more mature organizations. The Gila Multi-specialty Independent Practice Associate (GMIPA)  supports a network of providers whose focus is to promote and deliver comprehensive, quality healthcare and undertakes several administrative functions that reduce healthcare costs.